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"Do what you do best and outsource the rest."
Peter Drucker


AII Data Processing is a major outsourcing provider focused on information and editorial services, data processing and business services.

We provide a complete portfolio of content services - from data collection to translation and editorial services. We aim at providing resources and solutions to our clients to enable them to manage and create content more efficiently. We provide data processing services which help your organisation lower costs, streamline business processes and deliver more competitive products and services. Our range of business services - from telesales to credit management - will help your company raise the future demand for its products and services, maximise the cash flow and improve its performance.

AII Data Processing's 24/7 operation, employing multilingual staff of over 250 experienced, motivated, ambitious specialists speaking 27 languages will support you to:

Reduce overall costs
Improve processes and outputs
React and answer to changing market conditions and opportunities
Lower investments in hardware, software, systems, staff and support
Transform fixed costs into variable costs
Re-direct internal resources to value added and competitive operations
Strengthen competitive position
Maximise the profitability and improve the financial performance

Business Processes Outsourcing
AII Data Processing is a boutique BPO provider focused on specific business processes within an organisation. Guided by our mission to bring value to our customers and develop our employees, we have elaborated an exclusive approach, regarding our clients as partners. Our style is to be a specialist business, operating within its partners' internal culture and development policy.

We Do It Better
Our company is structured to deliver a wide range of outsourcing services and still to answer the unique requirements of our clients and partners. We have developed procedures, techniques and internal controls to guarantee high quality, accuracy, reliability, transparency and smooth integration.

BPO - It Is All About Trust
We believe that trust is the basic value of a successful outsourcing. We build trust by choosing our partners very carefully, we want to know your idea about outsourcing - why, what, when, how, goals, milestones, we look at the vision of your company and your corporate culture, we study you business perspectives, the core sense of your business, we aim to feel secure with it, to like it, to believe in it. We share ideas, we plan together, we move forward.

We Have...
24/7 operation
Over 250 employees
Speak 27 languages
World-class infrastructure
Stable and predictable business environment
Market and corporate intelligence
Refined strategies for long-term success

Credit Management
AII Data Processing undertakes to:
Maximise the incoming cash flow through cost effective end-to-end payment processing services from bill production to account settlement
Approach customers in relation to outstanding invoices and other payments-related issues
Clear non-standard payments
Deal with billing queries, preparation and issuance of credit notes
Answer customer payment enquiries and/or complaints
Dispatch payment notifications
Protect customer data with secure document handling of customer correspondence
Provide dynamic, reliable and flexible service to cope with unpredictable increases in the work flow
Share the risk of looking after an agreed cash flow target

We provide credit management services in the local languages of your customers and clients, maximising your cash flow with segmental approach to credit management.

AII Data Processing can help utility customers add value and improve their customer service and to collect payments effectively and efficiently We offer utility companies:
To reduce the cost of operations and customer service
Flexible and accurate collection of payments
Support of existing customers
Cost effectiveness

Telemarketing & Telesales
AII Data Processing Ltd. provides telemarketing and telesales services in 27 languages ensuring the acquisition of new customers, increase the client base, boost sales, keep existing sales revenue and up-sell, revive the relationships with existing customers and build relationships with new clients.
We help companies test new products and services with low risk, through cold calling promotion and follow-up calls.

Our telemarketing services will help you:
Provide comprehensive account maintenance for existing customers
Undertake sales and administrative procedures until the actual sale of products
Provide demonstrations and training to users
Recruit new customers quickly and effectively
Increase the revenue from existing and new products
Raise the awareness and develop customer loyalty
Boost market demand for your products and services
Enhance the business performance

Our telesales and telemarketing teams' special expertise covers the following regions - Europe, former Soviet Union, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Contact Centres
AII Data Processing has the capability, experience and resources to provide a wide range of contact centre management outsourcing services including telephone, internet, mail and fax. We are structured to manage small customer contact centers, or set up and operate large, multilingual contact centers.
We rely on our world-class infrastructure, operational facilities, human capital and backup to provide you with a solution that fully meets your requirements.

Media & Information Services

AII Data Processing provides a broad range of high-quality abstracting services from 27 languages into English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian from a huge variety of source material.
AII Data Processing has more than a seven-year experience and expertise in abstracting using style, techniques and technologies especially developed for this specialised work.
Our team employs over 150 multi-lingual specialists with journalistic skills and style editors with mastery of a number of disciplines, including languages, law, economics, medicine, microbiology, engineering and science.
AII Data Processing will create abstracts developed in line with your guidelines, structured according to your methodology, format and purpose requirements and based on pre-defined topics, industries, etc.

Our expertise include:
IT & Telecommunications
Financial Services
Industrial Manufacturing & Services
Consumer Intelligence
Statutes, Legislation & Regulation

Our editorial team's goal is to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients with professionalism, quality and consistency.

Data Collection & Capture
AII Data Processing can research, retrieve, collect, store and fill in data and information into your company's content systems in a format convenient for your business quickly, efficiently and effectively.
We use advanced and/or tailor made technologies to answer our clients' unique requirements.
We make digital versions of hardcopy textual pages and extract and process textual data from hard copies and source materials in all kinds of formats.

Content Creation & Managemente
AII Data Processing creates rich content and designs competitive information products and services which mirror your specific requirements and match the market demand.
We aggregate data feeds, format and map them according to your needs and integrate them into your content management system, portal or website. We manage your own and any external content in all formats and provide conversion services.
We help companies reduce their content-related costs by gathering, processing and integrating external sources into your content systems.

Editorial Services Outsourcing

AII Data Processing is a major provider of outsourced editorial services for big European news agencies and newspapers, and magazine publishers.
Our clients and partners can rely on our large team skilled in news writing and style editing offering the unrivalled synergy between journalistic skills and multilingual expertise.
Through the years, we have accumulated esteemed experience, working with a number of news agencies, newspapers, magazines, information providers and other media.

By outsourcing an editorial operation with us you will benefit as you will:
Reduce the overall production costs
Lower the management-associated costs
Transform fixed costs into variable costs
Create strong content which will give you a competitive advantage
Improve content quality and volumes
Maintain high editorial quality and consistency
Focus on activities that bring you greater competitive edge
Quickly tailor your product to respond to market demand
Industrial Manufacturing & Services
Increase the output and improve your performance.

We help global organisations communicate and establish a dialogue across borders, continents and cultures. We are our customers' tool for unlocking information and news from all locations in the world by delivering content in any language.
We save our clients and partners time-consuming efforts and expensive human capital by providing skilled translators, journalists and editors and by adapting information flows from/into 27 languages.

Data & Information Processing

AII Data Processing has a 24/7 high-quality, high-turnaround indexing centre. We operate in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Russian and Bulgarian as another 17 languages are also available. Our indexing centre has been recognised as the most flexible and fast developing centre in terms of timeliness, language skills, software and hardware capabilities, reliability and accuracy.
We help organisations cope with the massive information flows by organising them and improving the search abilities, access and the overall performance of the companies' information products, services and systems.

Data Conversion & Normalisation
AII Data Processing has developed procedures and technologies to provide data conversion services. We convert unstructured content and other structured electronic formats into any pre-defined format by our clients.

We convert content to or from any format including:
Other Formats

We help companies with small and large-scale or more complex conversion projects as we are ready to build long-term partnerships. We rely on our world-class infrastructure, operational facilities, human capital and backup.

Classification & Link Management
AII Data Processing has a long-term experience in analysing and organising data, information and news, and also has expertise in building classification systems and in linking management for large, complex data and content suits.
We help categorise, classify and map key concepts to improve the search ability of your products and secure precise retrieval.

Database Management

AII Data Processing offers comprehensive management solutions to help you reduce the overall cost of database ownership and the day-to-day support operations, and increase the efficiency at reduced cost.
We provide our resources and expertise in cross-indexing, cross-reference and mapping of a number of databases and content, which allows retrieval of relevant content available on a number of different databases and information providers.

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