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We are a high-quality, comprehensive and reliable business information provider. We create, manage and distribute business news and information worldwide. We provide a wide range of research & consultancy services from comprehensive researches and market analysis to company and industry profile databases. We publish SeeNews, a regional newswire for South East Europe carrying unique content and local knowledge for financial professionals and the corporate world.

SeeNews ( is an independent newswire providing financial and corporate news and information, giving its customers access to detailed coverage of the fast-growing companies, economies and markets of nine South-Eastern European nations.
SeeNews covers corporate, business, economic, market, political and general news from a network of correspondents based in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Moldova.
The newswire monitors financial markets, economic indicators, corporate developments and political changes in a region of nine emerging economies, which provide numerous business opportunities for foreign investors. It features industry, market and political analyses, interviews, special reports and stories about major newsmakers in the region.

AII Data Processing Ltd. maintains a company profiles database of firms registered based in South East Europe. We provide profiles and analysis on companies, industry sectors and countries from South East Europe on request.
Our team provides comprehensive researches, market analysis and data collection services for all industry sectors.
Our activities include also research and analysis upon requests on credibility and competitiveness, assistance and consultancy in tender procedures and document delivery systems, information gathering, including contacts, statistics, financial information, market research).
SeeProFILES is part of a larger integrated product for financial professionals, corporate executives and market researchers with business interests in Southeast Europe and complements the real-time newswire for Southeast Europe a^€ SeeNews.

Research & Data Mining

AII Data Processing employs researchers with expertise in a wide range of fields. Our areas of expertise include economics, IT & telecommunications, business & financial services, insurance, legislation & regulations, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical and civil engineering, consumer products and services, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biology, microbiology, clinical & research medicine, etc.

News Digests
AII Data Processing provides a broad range of high-quality, comprehensive news digest services, clipping and media monitoring services from 27 languages into English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian.
AII Data Processing has more than a seven-year experience and expertise in abstracting using style, techniques and technologies especially developed for this specialised work.
We file over 700 news items a day covering corporate, financial, economic and political events from 74 countries. Our team employs over 150 multi-lingual journalists and style editors. Our news digest reaches over six million users of business and industry information through the world leaders in information distribution.

by Country
We cover 74 countries worldwide and provide over 55 news digest defined by country or on regional basis.

by Industry
We provide pre-defined by our customers unique mixture of industry related news digests from regions and countries of a special interest to our clients.

by Topic
We build unique sets of news digests designed by the special requirements of our customers and defined by any topic, which respond to the business and information needs of our clients.

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